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  • Gold, Risk & Leverage: ReSolve Visits the Meb Faber Podcast

    Meb: So why don’t you guys start with talking about how you think about top-down investing in general… Adam: The fundamental recognition is that asset allocation completely dominates long-term portfolio outcomes. There’s a pile of research out there, most of it is really misunderstood. For instance, Brinson’s a perfect example where the original research claimed that 90% of returns were…

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  • Stop Paying for Active Management Beta

    For evidence, look no further than sales of bottled water in the first world. Our ancestors spent hundreds of billions of dollars developing the infrastructure to deliver potable water to every home, yet we spend billions each year to purchase bottled versions of what we can get for free almost anywhere.

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  • Risk Parity and The Four Faces of Risk

    Benjamin Graham famously said that “In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.” But this is not quite correct. Rather, in the short term, the market is a machine where investors “vote” about what the market will “weigh” in the future. Of course, when Benjamin Graham referred to…

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  • The Life of a Thanksgiving Turkey: An Investment Fable

    From the perspective of a (free-range) turkey, life is pretty good. The farmer is there in his earliest memories. At first, the turkey is afraid of the farmer, but it quickly comes to like him. After all, from the time it is born, the farmer comes each day with corn and seed to eat. He lets the turkey out into…

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  • Can Robo-Advisors Evolve? Introducing Robo 2.0

    Over the past year or so, a new breed of online advisor has entered the space with a mission to take the robo-advisor model to the next level. While traditional robo-advisors have focused largely on cost reduction and convenient online engagement, the new breed is committed to nothing short of a quantum leap in innovation on the investment side.

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  • Tactical Asset Allocation Alpha and The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled

    The investment industry has investors convinced that the only path to better performance is through stock selection. As a result, most investors approach the challenge of portfolio construction exactly backward, and miss out on the most important opportunities to produce differentiated performance. The purpose of this series is to challenge the conventions that lead to misguided asset allocation priorities, and…

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