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  • Vanguard’s Bogle is Totally Cool Losing 50%. Twice. Are You?

    Presented with little comment except to say that we feel some dissonance when the question is “…you say prepare for at least 2 declines of 25-30%, maybe even 50% in the coming decade.  For a buy and hold guy, that’s a little disconcerting, isn’t it?”  And the answer begins “NOT AT ALL…” With due respect to Mr. Bogle, regardless of…

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  • Baseball Umpires are Biased…and You Are, Too.

    We recently came across an article that was written about baseball umpires.  It turns out that baseball umpires are biased…and you are, too.  We love the intersection of sports, investing and general statistics, and this was no exception.  Here are some examples: “After analyzing more than 700,000 pitches thrown during the 2008 and 2009 seasons, we found that umpires frequently…

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  • Monopoly for the Modern Era

    I have a 2-year old living in my house, and as a quant/nerd/economist, I’m always looking for unique ways to educate my wee lad on how the world really works.  Games have always played an important social role in my family, and Monopoly has held a prominent role even in the pantheon of games. However, it’s fair to say that Monopoly’s…

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  • A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science

    This rough guide to spotting bad science is presented with no comment except to say that just about all of these apply not only to chemistry, but to finance, investing, and all statistical analysis… H/T Compond Interest Blog

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